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AuditPro Enterprise Edition

AuditPro Enterprise Edition software reviews Supporting multiple operating systems and databases, AuditPro brings you the state-of-the-art in information systems security evaluation and risk management.

AuditPro Enterprise Edition Official site:
Network Intelligence India Pvt. Ltd.

AuditPro Enterprise Edition Software License: See Home Page
$1000.00 to purchase
AuditPro Enterprise Edition Download

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AppGuard software reviews Anti-Virus/Spyware only stops OLD malware, or 45% of attacks. Added to any Anti-Virus/Spyware, boosts protection to over 90%. Protects PC when: Browse Hacked Websites, Open Malicious Email Attachments, Insert Infected USB Drives, Play Spiked Multimedia Files, Run unpatched software. Prevents theft, destruction, ransom of valuable PC content such as family photos, tax returns.

AppGuard Official site:
Blue Ridge Networks

AppGuard Software License: Shareware
$24.95 to purchase
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SafeHouse Professional File Encryption

SafeHouse Professional File Encryption software reviews SafeHouse features military-strength encryption which is completely transparent to the way you work and compatible with all Windows applications. This software is amazingly simple to use and works on all drives, including external USB devices, memory sticks and CD/DVDs. SafeHouse also supports saving passwords to smartcards.

SafeHouse Professional File Encryption Official site:
PC Dynamics, Inc.

SafeHouse Professional File Encryption Software License: Shareware
$59.99 to purchase
SafeHouse Professional File Encryption Download

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USB Lock Standard

USB Lock Standard software reviews And USB Lock Portable Protector (included) password protects information contained usb thumb drives and smartcards.

  • usb-lockBlock or allow Removable Drives: USB (Thumb drives, IPods, mp3 players..), Smart cards readers (CF, SD, MMC, XD..) Zip, floppy drives. Compact discs:CD”s, DVD”s. Transceivers:Infrared (IrDA), USB Bluetooth.
  • usb-lockCapable of running on manual (with password) or automatic mode (usb token)
    usb-lockUSB Aware:Monitors and reports the names of extracted files by usb storage device( included)
    usb-lockUSB Lock Portable Protector: Password protects the infomation inside usb thumb drives and smartcards (included)
  • usb-lock For PCs or Laptops running Windows XP or Vista (32 or 64 bits) without affecting performance.

USB Lock Standard Official site:
Advanced Systems International SAC

USB Lock Standard Software License: Shareware
$10.00 to purchase
USB Lock Standard Download

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StaffCop software reviews Get access to user activities in real-time or by reviewing the logs locally or remotely. StaffCop is simple to use, well-supported and reasonably priced. With the evaluation version freely available, install StaffCop now to start watching!

StaffCop Official site:

StaffCop Software License: Demo
$35.00 to purchase
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ViPNet Safe Disk (Free Edition)

ViPNet Safe Disk (Free Edition) software reviews

ViPNet Safe Disk is an easy-to-use, user-friendly software which provides transparent “on-the-fly” encryption for your notebook or desktop personal computer. Safe Disk protects user sensitive data from all kinds of e-dangers such as computer viruses, information theft or computer hijacking.

In the working process, the system creates virtual encrypted containers, whose size is specified by user, and provides you with a transparent access to your confidential data as if your files or folders are stored on the usual disk drive.

Each encrypted disk resides in a single file, which is easy to backup to any media in order to protect it from data loss.

ViPNet Safe Disk (Free Edition) Official site:

ViPNet Safe Disk (Free Edition) Software License: Demo
€23.99 to purchase
ViPNet Safe Disk (Free Edition) Download

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Hidden Information Explorer

Hidden Information Explorer software reviews Explore hidden information on your computer.

Hidden Information Explorer Official site:

Hidden Information Explorer Software License: Shareware
$39.00 to purchase
Hidden Information Explorer Download

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Steganos Internet Security

Steganos Internet Security software reviews

Imagine you are surfing the Internet and afterwards your computer will no longer start up. Viruses that access your PC unnoticed can cause great damage. They can delete your entire data – or even make your computer completely unusable. Hackers can access your PC even if they are not surfing the Web. This means they can steal your credit card number and go shopping at your cost.

Spy programs forward the passwords for your online banking: Your account is cleared out. Spam mails are not just an annoyance but are also dangerous: Phishing mails disguise themselves as official messages from your bank and try to obtain valuable access information.
How does Steganos Internet Security work?

Steganos Internet Security protects you quickly, securely and permanently in several areas: The virus database is updated regularly to ensure your being protected permanently against viruses.

Annoying adware and dangerous spyware are detected and destroyed: This means you are protected against identity theft.

Dangerous rootkits are automatically detected and removed.

Hacker attacks from the Internet are repelled and the complete data traffic between your computer and the Internet is controlled permanently by the integrated firewall.

While you surf the net, Web Shield checks if websites may contain malicious code and warns you. Works for Instant Messaging, too!

Spam and phishing mails are detected and blocked: that way they don”t even reach your machine.

Three different detection methods are combined for ultimate security: virus scan, heuristic analysis and generic detection make sure that no virus stays undetected.

Thanks to the intelligent scanning mode, you can create your own black and white lists to in- or exclude certain files from scanning.

Steganos Internet Security Official site:

Steganos Internet Security Software License: Demo
$49.95 to purchase
Steganos Internet Security Download

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PenProtect software reviews Files are encrypted and protected using your Password and a special technique (AES algorithm 256 bit key). PenProtect requires no installation. It is a single file located in the home folder of your Flash Drive. Ability to encrypt or decrypt only required files. No size limit of encrypted files.

PenProtect Official site:

PenProtect Software License: Demo
$19.00 to purchase
PenProtect Download

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PC Locker Pro

PC Locker Pro software reviews You can lock you computer just by clicking one button in the system tray or using custom hotkey.The windows hotkey and mouse will be disabled. You only need to enter the password to unlock the computer. PC Locker Pro will lock the computer after incorrect shutdown.

PC Locker Pro Official site:
Silver Eagle Software,Inc.

PC Locker Pro Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
PC Locker Pro Download

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