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Forum Buzz

Forum Buzz software reviews You can create multiple profiles and login details and store them. Forum Buzz makes your postings a snap! This cool software is 100% FREE and will save you tons of time of hard work! This fantastic tool is developed by the IM Buzz Creators.

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Disk Recovery Wizard

Disk Recovery Wizard software reviews Disk Recovery Wizard makes data recovery easily possible to anyone, and recovers damaged, corrupted and inaccessible disks even if you reformatted the hard drive three times in a raw! Fix damaged disks and corrupted partitions, recover files and data and undelete deleted files with a step-by-step recovery wizard.

Disk Recovery Wizard Official site:
Data Recovery

Disk Recovery Wizard Software License: Shareware
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TenderWiz Free

TenderWiz Free software reviews TenderWiz

TenderWiz Free Official site:
Remy InfoSource Co Ltd

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Anaconda software reviews …. Select products for you based on price & commission, in any category or sub-category you want. Create product specific keywords for you. (Keywords that people type in when they are ready to buy.) Show you the number of competing ads & also show you, if any of them are affiliates. (This is to prevent you from entering a bidding war that will do you no good.) Uncover products without affiliate ads. (Once you find these gems, you can bid as little as you want & still be seen by hungry buyers.) Create campaigns in literally seconds, with relevant keywords & call-to-action phrases. (If you can copy & paste, you can simply pop these into your AdWords account, how much easier can it get?) Dinamically update Amazon catalog tree for each supported site up to 5 level. Save your more popular queries for use them in the future

Anaconda Official site:

Anaconda Software License: Shareware
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POS2Net software reviews

etStores POS2Net provides simplified software and service for Retail Solution Providers to offer their clients by offering a central point of contact for managing both online and in-store QuickBooks POS sales in a safe and secure environment.

Easy to setup, update and maintain, NetStores POS2Net automatically integrates online storefronts and shopping cart information with its in-store QuickBooks POS counterpart for accurate, real-time updating of sales, inventory and customer information both online and off. Adding to it a new line of setupwizards to help import inventory and create your website the first day you instal POS2Net 2.0 can now publish a merchant”s e-commerce webiste automatically optimizing your website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for increased marketing visibility..

NetStores POS2Net 2.0 offers unparalleled convenience for merchants with little or no web-design skills. Intuitive drag-and-drop web-design tools that are compatible with Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, and Microsoft FrontPage web-design programs allow merchants to customize storefronts, track sales, and update inventory with the click of a button.

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POS2Net Software License: Demo
$499.00 to purchase
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Voicent IVR Studio

Voicent IVR Studio software reviews IVR Studio ensures professional and interactive communication with your callers and quicker resolution of issues. Based on internet standard, Voicent IVR Studio is open and extensible, and it allows customers to integration with existing website and incorporate custom-developed Java classes, which enables independent developers to extend Voicent IVR solution to meet unique customer business needs. Voicent IVR solution offers point-and-click call flow design, ease of installation, and lower cost of ownership. Ideal inbound IVR solution for your business or organization. Self-service: Allow callers to get answers to standard inquiries simply and easily, and in seconds, without the need for an agent. Reach the right agent: Automatically capture relevant information from your callers and direct them to the appropriate agent to handle their call. 24/7 customer service: Enable your customers to get the information they need, when they need it. Your Voicent IVR application is working even when you are not, or it can transfer calls to your cell phone. Inbound IVR Solution Key Features. 1. Point-and-click call flow design 2. Deployed on any PC3. Transfer call to any phone, such as your cell phone 4. Interactive touch tone response 5. Speech command response 6. Automatically convert text to speech 7. Easy integration with your website 8. (Developer feature) Integrate with any program through Java 9. Support single phone line or multiple phone lines 10. Natural Text-to-speech engine for playing any text over the phone 11. (Requires Voicent TelephonyCRM) Answer call with different IVR application based on caller ID.

Voicent IVR Studio Official site:
Voicent Communications, Inc

Voicent IVR Studio Software License: Freeware
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Store Manager for osCommerce

Store Manager for osCommerce software reviews Manage osCommerce products, product attributes, categories, manufacturers, orders and other things. Batch updates – export osCommerce products to Excel and import products to osCommerce, ultimate osCommerce product attribute management, easy populate feature using clipboard copy/paste, create your own osCommerce Custom Reports

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Store Manager for osCommerce Software License: Shareware
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Smart Money Ways

Smart Money Ways software reviews

It shows you how you can:

Earn money daily.
Build steady income.
Make money just for being online.
Get high-ticket items free (automatic updates)
Download valuable softwares and programs free. (automatic updates)

Future software updates/upgrades will be made available free to all users.

Smart Money Ways Official site:

Smart Money Ways Software License: Freeware
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