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Music Organizer

Music Organizer software reviews All MP3 music will be organized easily with such powerful MP3 music organizer as Music Organizer. Key features: ~ Organize Music Automatically (just download music organizer and start) ~ Organize Music Easily (with start-up wizards) ~ Organize Music Exactly as You Want (by genre, by artist, etc) More info and Free Download at Organize MP3 Music easily right Now!

Music Organizer Official site:
Music Organizer Software, Inc.

Music Organizer Software License: Shareware
$39.95 to purchase
Music Organizer Download

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MP3 Randomizer

MP3 Randomizer software reviews This program randomizes MP3 files for use with MP3 players that have no built in shuffle function.

MP3 Randomizer Official site:
Richard Scroggins

MP3 Randomizer Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
MP3 Randomizer Download

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DSH Jukebox

DSH Jukebox software reviews Just point and click to play any song (mp3, wma, wav). The program also allows automatic playlist creation, also random and according to your mood. Other features include automatic display of stored lyrics and artist images, automatic loading of all music files into the database, Speaking Disk Jockey, and dynamic ID3-TAG creation and editing. With optional Speech-recognition software you can command the jukebox by voice.

DSH Jukebox Official site:
DSH electronics

DSH Jukebox Software License: Shareware
$9.95 to purchase
DSH Jukebox Download

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File Sorter

File Sorter software reviews All files will be sorted, renamed and organized with such powerful file sorter and file organizer as File Sorter. Key features ~ Sort files of all types ~ Sort MP3 music of all types ~ Sort photos of all types ~ Sort files, music and photos qualitative with full tags support (ID3, EXIF, IPTC and hundreds of others). More info and Free Download at

File Sorter Official site:
File Sorter Productions, Inc.

File Sorter Software License: Shareware
$39.95 to purchase
File Sorter Download

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OrangeCD Suite

OrangeCD Suite software reviews It can manage classical music collections as well as pop music. To add a new CD to the database, you just need to insert it in your computer or scan barcode from jewel case, and OrangeCD will download all information from FreeDB and Amazon databases, including cover artwork and album reviews. You can organize music bookmarks, keep track of borrowed albums using loan manager, and store artist and composer biographies, discographies, links and notes. The resulting database can be used for browsing, searching, printing or publishing on the web. Now you can quickly check if you own specific album or song, find its exact location on CD shelf, print CD changer index sheet or calculate your total CD library value for insurance. You can create web pages with the list of all your albums and upload them to your website. The feel and look of the web pages is defined by templates and can be easily customized. If you dont have a website, you can publish your music collection catalog on, share it with friends. This will allow you to browse your music inventory from work, school or vacation computer.

OrangeCD Suite Official site:
Firetongue Software

OrangeCD Suite Software License: Shareware
$34.95 to purchase
OrangeCD Suite Download

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MP3 Cat

MP3 Cat software reviews Apart from MP3, it also supports WMA, OGG Vorbis and Monkey”s Audio files.

You can group files by artist, album, genre or your own categories. There”s no limit to the number of categories and subcategories you can create. This even reads and lets you modify ID3 tags either one at a time or in batches.

You can search the database using keywords and wildcards. Plus, it supports the production of WinAmp playlists and lets you play or add selected files directly to the WinAmp queue.

MP3 Cat Official site:

MP3 Cat Software License: Shareware
€15.00 to purchase
MP3 Cat Download

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Sprintbit Playlist Manager

Sprintbit Playlist Manager software reviews You can create playlist of your favorite media files or Internet stations and use it as your default multimedia player on your computer. Supported playlists formats are M3U ASX WAX WVX WMX WPL B4S PPL SMP PLS ZPL XSPF. All major audio and video files for playback are supported. The major features are: Playlist Editor for creating or editing playlists and their properties including files locations manipulations. Playlists Database that lets you store playlists source in database, if you lose your playlists on disk you can restore them from database! The software includes few schedulers that let you schedule media playback on at given data and time. With schedulers you can play selected media files partially or in whole, set the separate playback start and finish time for any file. With Daily Scheduler you can schedule your files to be played or executed at given time in one day or in many days in advance. Schedulers may be used at home and for radio broadcasting as well. Direct Playlist Creator feature lets you create playlist in a snap directly out of your files on disk without the need creating playlist manually in editor. Playlist Converter is for converting between varieties of playlist formats. The software has built-in four media players; Media player with own playback playlists, Full Screen video and Standalone Media Player that you can use to play media in a small window while doing something else. Lyrics & Pictures Viewer for MP3 files and associated media files as well. Playback Statistics list for keeping track of your playback. Picture Viewer with slideshow player. File Browser for managing your files on your computer. File Searcher and Media Scanner lets you search for specific media files and build the playlist of them. You can export playlist to PDF CSV HTM RTF Excel or get playlist from the Internet CDDB database. Multilanguage Interface.

Sprintbit Playlist Manager Official site:
Sprintbit Corporation

Sprintbit Playlist Manager Software License: Shareware
$39.00 to purchase
Sprintbit Playlist Manager Download

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MP3 Music Sorter

MP3 Music Sorter software reviews All your MP3 music will be sorted, fast and qualitative, with MP3 Music Sorter. Full automatic MP3 music sorting + Sort MP3 music exactly as you want (sort music by artist, by genre, by album or somehow else) + Sort All your MP3 music, even of rare types (more than 684 music formats are supported) – It is all about MP3 Music Sorter ! More info and Free Download at

MP3 Music Sorter Official site:
MP3 Music Sorter Systems, Inc.

MP3 Music Sorter Software License: Shareware
$39.95 to purchase
MP3 Music Sorter Download

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Music Sorter

Music Sorter software reviews Music Sorter will sort and organize all your music collection automatically. Key features: Sort all your music (including mp3 music of all types); Full automatic music sorting (just download music sorter and install); Accurate music sorting (duplicates removing); Easy music sorting (with user-friendly wizards). All your MP3 music will be sorted with Music Sorter. More info and free download at

Music Sorter Official site:
Music Sorter Productions, Inc.

Music Sorter Software License: Shareware
$39.95 to purchase
Music Sorter Download

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M3USync software reviews To work correctly, the files of your MP3 player must be accessible through the explorer (does not work with iPod).

Music folder organization on your MP3 player can be different from your hard disk.
The file synchronization is done under the specified target directory only, the other directories (My Pictures, My Videos, …) on your MP3 player will not be touch.
The files name can be prefixed with number to keep the same order on your MP3 player.
Before deleting any files, the program will always display the name of the files and it will ask you to confirm.
You always see what happen, the current file name and the number of MB copied is displayed during the synchronization.
At any time, the synchronization can be stopped by clicking on the “Cancel” button.

M3USync Official site:

M3USync Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
M3USync Download

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