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What”s new in version 1.3

* Fully support Windows Vista and Aero Glass effect
* Support fast user switch and remote control Windows Terminal session for Windows Vista, Windows XP
* Save password and configurations as client profiles
* New “Task Switch” let you switch to any application on remote PC with its icon and full title
* Free PC Client with limited features. Great for Windows Vista Home Premium/Home Basic user without Remote Desktop support.
* Create shortcut for launching your favorite application and key stroke combination
* Auto sync text contents of clipboard
* New “Free Zoom” zoom at any size you like
* Faster screen update
* Improved keyboard handling
* Non-intrusive screen capture engine. No system message hook, no keyboard hook and no video mirror driver installed
* Bug fix

The key features includes:
High standard security with 256 bits encryption and device access control

* Up to 256 bits AES, Serpent or Twofish encryption, no need for VPN to secure the connection
* Mutual authentication authenticates both client and server
* One time session key with key rotating
* Device access control blocks unauthorized device even it has the user name and password
* Non-intrusive capture engine. NO system hooks or video driver hooks installed
* NO dependency on centralized third-party server and NO monthly fees

Multi-tasking File Transfer with check point restart and wildcard support

* Transfer multiple files simultaneously and remote control your desktop at same time
* Recover from network errors, stop or resume the file transfer at anytime you want
* Start the file transfer as easy as you copy & paste files
* Support powerful wildcard file name filters, like *.mp3

Clipboard synchronization

* Copy & paste files, colorful texts and pictures through clipboard

Smart screen update & bandwidth adaptive color scheme

* Breakthrough smart caching technology compares the screen changes and updates only the difference
* Data compression working together with smart caching dramatically cut down the bandwidth usage
* Support 6-level color schemes, change from 65,536 colors to black & white on the fly. Improve the refresh rate by balancing the bandwidth and display colors

Convenient server callback

* Great for accessing your office computer from home. Now you don”t have to open any incoming port on the firewall at office. Just let the server callback your mobile device

Support most Windows OS

* The Remote2PC Server can run on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT SP6, Windows ME, Windows 98 SE
* The Remote2PC Client can run on Windows Mobile Professional 6.0/5.0/4.2, Pocket PC/Pocket PC Phone 2003/2002/2000, Windows CE 6.0/5.x/4.x (ARM); Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT SP6, Windows ME, Windows 98 SE


* 360 degree screen rotation with smooth zoom from 25% up to 200% of server screen size
* Support latest VGA and square screen devices
* Support multiple display monitors
* Support UPnP port forwarding & Dynamic DNS
* Auto track text cursor
* Auto detect left-handed mouse
* NO dependence on centralized third-party server and NO monthly fees

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