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OEM Info Editor

OEM Info Editor software reviews Home users can replace this logo by funny pictures or add their own photo to the System Properties. Includes Manufacturer, Model, Support Information (Support Hours, Support Phone and Support URL in Windows Vista) and Logo.

OEM Info Editor Official site:
Sepanta Soft

OEM Info Editor Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
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PerformanceTest software reviews It can help you assess if your computer is performing at its peak, whether it”s time to upgrade or to measure the performance of different machine components. In a single mouse-click, you can obtain the PassMark Rating, an overall score for your machine”s unique configuration for use in comparison with other machines.

PerformanceTest comes with a number of built-in baselines for machine comparison. With an internet connection, you can also search through comparison baselines supplied by one of the world”s largest component baseline repositories at These baselines can be freely downloaded, saved and compared with your machine from the PerformanceTest interface.

Experienced users will appreciate the ability to create their own specialized test scenarios to aid in conducting any in-depth assessment of hardware behavior. From the advanced test window, all component tests can be thoroughly customized to suit a user”s needs. Results can then be exported to a graph for quick reference, or to a HTML report containing detailed system information and snapshots showing performance over the duration of the test.

Among many other new features, Version 7 of PerformanceTest boasts a redesigned user interface that presents users with detailed system information and test results in a dynamic and interactive way. Our new Visualised Physics engine gives users a chance to experiment with a wide range of customizable environmental settings (such as gravity, air resistance, explosions and more) to create fun, physics-based simulations which demonstrate our new Physics CPU test. PC gamers, video editors and developers will also like the new DirectX 10 3D test, which objectively ranks all the latest and greatest DirectX 10 compatible video cards.

PerformanceTest Official site:
PassMark Software

PerformanceTest Software License: Shareware
$24.00 to purchase
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PowerSlave software reviews
It allows you to define your working day start time and end time. It then lets the user choose one power scheme that will be used during the working day and a second power scheme that will be used at night.
During the day none of us want our PC to switch off the monitor or the hard drives or even power down just because we went for a coffee however, if we leave our PC on all night then after work hours it should be okay to power some of these devices down.
When PowerSlave sees that the time has gone past the end of your working day it switches to the night-time power scheme.
When you come back in the morning it will see that we are back in work hours and automatically switch back to your chosen day time plan. Cool eh!

PowerSlave Official site:
Polychrome Limited

PowerSlave Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
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Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox software reviews Lavasoft”s Privacy Toolbox will help you take full control of your digital information, with both the File Shredder and the Digital Lock in one application.

Get the most for your money with savings of over 30 percent compared to buying both products separately!

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox Official site:

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox Software License: Shareware
$39.95 to purchase
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DynaWizard software reviews Some examples of this might be classroom or training lab computers and public access internet terminals, DynaWizard
ensures that the workstation returns to its set configuration each time, every time.

DynaWizard equipped computers are scanned during each boot for software changes. Any files that have been added are removed, Desktop and Start Menu shortcuts are returned to your predetermined standard, files that have been deleted, renamed or moved are returned to their previous state and
registry changes are removed. This entire process takes only 20 to 30 seconds and you never have to worry that applications will fail due to missing files or settings.

DynaWizard Official site:
SoftOz Pty Ltd

DynaWizard Software License: Demo
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Steganos Privacy Suite

Steganos Privacy Suite software reviews Computers have completely transformed the way we work and play. But along with these innovations comes the problem of information security. After all, we take our laptops, USB sticks and CDs everywhere. But what if you private data falls into the wrong hands?
The risks:

* USB sticks with private vacation photos can fall out of pockets. DVDs that contain personal financial information can suddenly go missing. Forgotten laptops containing emails, contact info and calendars riding in the backseat of a taxi.
* Passwords stored in documents like Excel or Word are vulnerable to data thieves looking for unguarded password pools.
* Data recovery programs are great if you need to retrieve data on your own machine. But what if you sell your computer? Remember that deleting data doesn”t mean that it”s gone forever.

The solution is Steganos Privacy Suite 2008

* Steganos Safe: Locks all of your data in a virtual safe. Store photos, music, documents, movies, and more.
* Steganos Password Manager: Secures, organizes and administers all of your passwords and user names.
* Steganos Shredder: Shreds unwanted data permanently and unrecoverable.
* Plus: Email and web favorites encryption functions, automatic internet trace destructor, Steganographie and Steganos AntiTheft takes data security to a whole new level of protection.

Complement your firewall and antivirus software with a first-rate data protection system.

Steganos Privacy Suite Official site:

Steganos Privacy Suite Software License: Demo
$79.95 to purchase
Steganos Privacy Suite Download

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Startup Booster

Startup Booster software reviews That”s natural: some programs add themselves to the autostartup list, obsolete records are accumulated in the registry, you”ve never used tweaks for speeding up the processing. You don”t need to search for several programs which might improve these moments – we are offering a simple all-in-all solution that will speed up your PC loading several times!

Startup Booster Official site:
Smart PC Solutions, LLC.

Startup Booster Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
Startup Booster Download

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PC Updater

PC Updater software reviews Just a few clicks and you don”t need any special skills nor will you need to waste a lot of time. PC Updater will make updating your drivers easy.

PC Updater Official site:
Maximum Software

PC Updater Software License: Demo
$29.95 to purchase
PC Updater Download

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RoboTask software reviews The program allows you to easily create simple tasks, as well as highly complex automations, involving conditional IF/ELSE statements, loops, custom variables and other advanced options.

RoboTask Official site:
Neowise Software, Inc.

RoboTask Software License: Shareware
$119.95 to purchase
RoboTask Download

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ProcessScanner software reviews This free application will give you a complete analysis of all the processes running on your PC, along with a risk analysis of each one!

The Problem

Have you seen your PC”s performance decline in the days since you bought it? Does your system take a long time to boot up and to load simple programs? Maybe it crashes more frequently, or stalls when loading Web pages? The problem could be that your PC is running unnecessary or even overtly malicious code, compromising all areas of your computer”s performance, from speed and stability, through to security. But where do you find a list of all the processes that your PC is running? And even assuming that you find them, what programs are these processes associated with and are they harmful?

The Solution

With ProcessScanner Uniblue takes the perspiration and guesswork out of researching the processes running on your PC. ProcessScanner not only generates a detailed list of the items already running on your PC, it then goes on to give you valuable information as to the programs these are associated with. Furthermore ProcessScanner will then supply you with valuable information about what each does and the level of risk, or threat, to your computer associated with that process. ProcessScanner is an invaluable tool to help remove the fog that obscures the inner workings of your computer and, what”s more, it”s free!

ProcessScanner Official site:
Uniblue Systems

ProcessScanner Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
ProcessScanner Download

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