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Secure Info ID

Secure Info ID software reviews Protect it using Government approved AES 256 Bit encryption while sharing only the information you want fast! You can build your personal file by filling in the preset categories* or by creating your own customized tab. In addition to the preset tabs you can also import documents, movies, pics, music and the like to be saved on to your Secure Info ID in a secure or public format. Only you get to decide what information will be available to the public and what information will be private.

Secure Info ID is a true plug and play product that can be accessed on any computer without the need to install it first, therefore information can be accessed quickly any where, any time. SIID can even be saved on your hard drive or CD-Rom!

In an emergency event (family/pet member is lost, loss of consciousness, etc.), the SIID card can be handed to the appropriate personnel, where they will have access only to the information you saved in the public domain. If you have a friend or co worker that you need to send encrypted files via the internet… SIID will do just that and more, all a few clicks away.

To learn about all the features Secure Info ID has to offer log on to

* All nicely organized in tabs entitled; Personal Info, Parents Info, Medical Info, Insurance, Credit cards, Passport, School, Pets, Phone Book, Other.

Secure Info ID Official site:
Secure Info ID LTD

Secure Info ID Software License: Demo
$9.99 to purchase
Secure Info ID Download

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RoboBasket software reviews RoboBasket opens a basket window on your desktop. When you drop files into the basket window it will move, copy, rename or other more actions according to the rules you created. With the powerful and easy-to-use rule system you can create workflows to automatically organize and process your files. RoboBasket makes file management just drag and drop.

RoboBasket Official site:
Easy-to-Use Software

RoboBasket Software License: Shareware
$19.95 to purchase
RoboBasket Download

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LeaderTask Organizer

LeaderTask Organizer software reviews LeaderTask has a smart system for managing projects, tasks, contacts, events. Want to complete more? Get tired less? Earn more? And permanently improve the quality of life, work hard less and contemplate peacefully more? LeaderTask will help you with that! LeaderTask = Scheduler Personal Information Manager Calendar Address Book Organizer!

LeaderTask Organizer Official site:
Time Management

LeaderTask Organizer Software License: Shareware
$34.95 to purchase
LeaderTask Organizer Download

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MSD Strongbox

MSD Strongbox software reviews

MSD Strongbox Multiuser is also available, allowing several users to share the information in a local area network with user access control.

If you install the software on your home or office computer, you may protect your private files so that anyone can access them if they do not know the password with which they were stored in the program database.

If you install the program on a Pen Drive or on a removable disk, you may take your private files anywhere safely, with the confidence that nobody will be able to read nor edit the files stored in the program database.

If you install the Multiuser version of the program, several people connected in a local network may protect the private files of the company, with the possibility that all authorized users can store and extract files, or that each user can only extract the files that he has stored.

MSD Strongbox Official site:
MSD Soft

MSD Strongbox Software License: Shareware
€39.00 to purchase
MSD Strongbox Download

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Enhilex Address Book Software

Enhilex Address Book Software software reviews The award winning Enhilex Address Book Software provides a very efficient way to store your personal information, contacts, or any other type of info in a lightweight, fast and easy to search database. Fast and Lightweight – unlike other “bloated” applications. Become more organized and more effective in the way you work and stay in touch.

Enhilex Address Book Software Official site:

Enhilex Address Book Software Software License: Shareware
$4.99 to purchase
Enhilex Address Book Software Download

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MasterList Professional

MasterList Professional software reviews

With MasterList Professional, you start your day from the Home Tab, where you can see the health and activity of all your projects at a glance, your current tasks and key statistics on where your time and effort is going.

A host of features – Automatic Task Appointments, Keywords, a System Tray quick-access menu, the Prioritizer tool, integration with Microsoft Outlook Appointments and Tasks – assist you in getting things done and using your time well.

Unlike \”to-do\” list applications, MasterList Professional improves the quality of what you get done; unlike project management software, MLP is fast and easy to use.

MasterList Professional Official site:
SixTree Investments

MasterList Professional Software License: Shareware
$49.95 to purchase
MasterList Professional Download

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Aml Pages

Aml Pages software reviews Aml Pages main features are: flexible tree structure to keep all your notes in order, plain and formatted text, support within notes, HTML formatting support, “sticky” notes, external and internal hyperlinks, fully customizable notes tree (nodes sorting, font size, icons, colors, categories etc.), advanced text search.

Aml Pages Official site:
G&G Software

Aml Pages Software License: Shareware
$24.95 to purchase
Aml Pages Download

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Instant Knowledge Base

Instant Knowledge Base software reviews Your knowledge base is fully searchable, using our state of the art search technology. Perfect for Help-Desk applications and perfect for anyone who wants to track information that can be searched.

Instant Knowledge Base Official site:
PC Experts

Instant Knowledge Base Software License: Shareware
$29.99 to purchase
Instant Knowledge Base Download

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All-in-1 Personal Organizer

All-in-1 Personal Organizer software reviews It includes a database manager, a calendar, and contact and link managers. There is also an auto-dialer and a journal. It also includes tools for reflection and self-improvement.

All-in-1 Personal Organizer Official site:

All-in-1 Personal Organizer Software License: Shareware
$35.00 to purchase
All-in-1 Personal Organizer Download

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A-PIM (All-in-1 Personal Information Manager)

A-PIM (All-in-1 Personal Information Manager) software reviews All-in-1 Personal Information Manager (A-PIM) is an ergonomic personal organizer useful for managing any kind of personal information such as tasks, events, contacts, notes, file links, Web links and executable key scripts.

A-PIM (All-in-1 Personal Information Manager) Official site:

A-PIM (All-in-1 Personal Information Manager) Software License: Shareware
$15.00 to purchase
A-PIM (All-in-1 Personal Information Manager) Download

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