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Call Trustee software reviews

The telephone exchange that must be qualified to emit tickets of the carried through and received linkings.

A time that the Call Trustee 2.8 receives this ticket, is processing, calculating the value of the linking and identifying the locality for where the linking was made.

The too much information as number of the branch, center of costs will be kept in the data base of the linkings.

The reports are generated by the program informe.exe that allowing some types of reports and second make the election, day and hour of the information. This program counts on the possibility to export this information to all the types of existing archives.

Call Trustee 2.8 could be used in net. It could only be in the reception of data in some telephone exchanges or the emission of reports, the versions of 1, 5 or 10 capturing or using ones respectively.

Support Technician is given by the manufacturer, will be gratuitous and with not superior reply the 24 hours:
Email: suporte@
Cellular telephone: (61) 8424 8704

and in the actual support place and conditions will have according to be evaluated the price.

Attention: Consultations the support on the hardwired handle the telephone exchange or some thing that was not possible to be carried through in the installation, will have to send the maximum of possible antecedents (Mark and Model of the telephone exchange, Model of the processor of the PC, used Operational system, amount of memory and space in record). These consultations at no cost, could be made way page of software Support Technician Call Trustee ( or saw email:

Call Trustee Official site:
Enterprise Developer Software

Call Trustee Software License: Demo
$300.00 to purchase
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X-Lizard software reviews X-Lizard is the compact and simple management program, created especially for storage of your confidential data, such as the passwords, usernames, etc.

X-Lizard Official site:
Softkhoz Studio

X-Lizard Software License: Shareware
$25.00 to purchase
X-Lizard Download

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Approved Association

Approved Association software reviews Approved Association automatically updates QuickBooks, Peachtree, and other accounting systems – providing maximum flexibility with no double entry.

Approved Association Official site:
Computer Solutions Engineering

Approved Association Software License: Demo
$1.00 to purchase
Approved Association Download

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Simple EMR

Simple EMR software reviews It features management of patient records and ancillary/images, patient appointments, ICD-9CM, extensive drugs list based on the National Drug Code Directory, quick and advanced patient search, generating/printing/exporting of prescriptions/encounter records/custom reports as well as patient lists and specific date appointments list, charting vital signs, self learning information fields with auto complete and QuickText features, and backup/restore of medical data and images.

Simple EMR Official site:
Digital Cairo Software

Simple EMR Software License: Shareware
$30.00 to purchase
Simple EMR Download

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Live!Doc Personal Edition

Live!Doc Personal Edition software reviews Doc is a innovative tool that provides a detailed and automatic tracking of the life and evolution of your most important documents, both in your local network and in your personal PC.

Thanks to its integration and close collaboration with Windows operating system, Live!Doc is able to :

1. Automatically backup all the modifications done in your live documents as revisions. It allows recovering them from any point of its history.

Feel free to work in your documents and don”t lost their content more!

2. Register all location changes (folder and file name) and continuously provides its current location.

Build live shortcuts to your documents that work always regardless of whether they are moved or renamed and them inside your applications!

3. Detect the existing copies of your documents, considering their when the main document is lost and providing a way to easily remove them.

Keep your hard disk clean of duplicated files !

4. Graphically report statistics on your documents evolution : size changes, modification levels, working time, …

Live!Doc makes use of a advanced technology to convert single files into meaningful documents regardless of its file name, size or location.

Live!Doc Personal Edition Official site:
My Live! Documents Project

Live!Doc Personal Edition Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
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Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint

Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint software reviews It allows you to manage and share documents, restructure folders and other resources stored in SharePoint. Drag and drop to and from your email, local folders, ftp sites and network locations.

Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint Official site:
Neoxen Systems

Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint Software License: Shareware
$89.00 to purchase
Neoxen Visual Modus for SharePoint Download

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Cyber Organizer

Cyber Organizer software reviews With it you get a photo album, recipes book (professional version only), shopping and budget system, poems album, address book, all for free and you can create so much more quick and easy. Password protect sensitive photos. Search for ingredients in the recipes book and up pops all the recipes that uses it. The photo album is special since you can have descriptions and notes attached to your photos.

Cyber Organizer Official site:
Cyberinformatix Inc.

Cyber Organizer Software License: Shareware
$49.95 to purchase
Cyber Organizer Download

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Toast Organizer

Toast Organizer software reviews The items themselves are completely designed by you. You can define as many types as you want and use them as item in your structure. You can even have differen groups, one for each tree. Some examples: password manager, recipes database, address book, project task manager… You can define easyly every kind of information.

Toast Organizer Official site:

Toast Organizer Software License: Shareware
$37.00 to purchase
Toast Organizer Download

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Rider 8 Tools

Rider 8 Tools software reviews The user may search by proximity to other words or phrases. All search results are displayed within Rider 8 Tools in an easy to review format. Rider 8 Tools will open the search document and automatically navigate to any chosen selection.

Rider 8 Tools Official site:
Rider 8 Software LLC

Rider 8 Tools Software License: Shareware
$19.95 to purchase
Rider 8 Tools Download

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ActionOutline Lite

ActionOutline Lite software reviews
The possibilities for its use are practically endless: to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal contacts, bookmark lists, reports, term papers etc.
Arrange items using keyboard or mouse, cut and paste branches, place checks or tags next to listed items, search and replace information, print data, link to web or local files and more.

ActionOutline Lite Official site:
Green Parrots Software

ActionOutline Lite Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
ActionOutline Lite Download

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