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BestCrypt software reviews

It delivers robust data protection and removal in a simple, strong and easily deployed solution operating automatically and transparently to the user with broad platform support. It provides highest level of security and control by combining strong disk encryption, reliable data wiping, and access control.

BestCrypt supports wide range of applications and usage scenarios. Whether you are in financial, health care, hospitality, insurance or telecommunication industry, or you work for govermental or military organization, or you are a developer designing a new product, or you keep your private correspondence on your computer, you will enjoy the comprehesive data security and control that BestCrypt provides.

BestCrypt protects data with industry standard full key length encryption using AES, Blowfish, CAST, RC6, Serpent and Twofish methods in LRW encryption mode.

Data wiping employs DoD 5200.28-STD and Peter Gutmann data shredding schemes rendering information in deleted files, free disk space, swap file, empty directory entries and file slack unrecoverable.

Additional features included are: support for Spanned, Striped, Mirrored or RAID-5 volumes, swap-file encryption, “hidden” containers, Container Guard utility, Keyboard Filter, creation of encrypted self-extracting file archive.

BestCrypt Official site:
Jetico, Inc.

BestCrypt Software License: Shareware
$59.95 to purchase
BestCrypt Download

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FileMax Cryptor

FileMax Cryptor software reviews The encryption method used will result in your files being ultimately impossible to run without first being decrypted. Even if an unauthorized person gets access to your encrypted personal data, he will not be able to read it without the password.

FileMax Cryptor Official site:
Russian New Logic

FileMax Cryptor Software License: Shareware
$12.95 to purchase
FileMax Cryptor Download

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Folder Crypt

Folder Crypt software reviews The program performs a true bit per bit encryption of your data. Original files and folders may be shredded. The encryption process is not reversible. Easy to use with its improved shell integration. Full international characters support.

Folder Crypt Official site:
LittleLite Software

Folder Crypt Software License: Shareware
$30.00 to purchase
Folder Crypt Download

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Silver Key

Silver Key software reviews Silver Key parcels are self-extracting and don”t require the recipient to have any cryptographic software installed. You can also specify additional action to be performed during decryption, such as creating a shortcut to the decrypted file, or opening the file using the associated application.

Silver Key Official site:
Inv Softworks

Silver Key Software License: Shareware
$29.95 to purchase
Silver Key Download

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Kryptel software reviews The program is a one-click solution and can process any number of files or folders in a single operation. Kryptel includes a tool for creating encrypted backups and can be run in unattended batch mode. The package contains an integrated file shredder for secure deletion of sensitive data.

Kryptel Official site:
Inv Softworks

Kryptel Software License: Shareware
$29.95 to purchase
Kryptel Download

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Advanced Encryption Package Professional

Advanced Encryption Package Professional software reviews 18 secure files erasure algorithms including: U.S. DoD 5200.28, GOST P50739-95 and others. Symmetric and RSA encryption using PKI infrastructure. USB Flash Drives as protected Passwords Storage support. Command Line Support. No special encryption knowledge is required to use this software!

Advanced Encryption Package Professional Official site:
InterCrypto Ltd

Advanced Encryption Package Professional Software License: Shareware
$49.95 to purchase
Advanced Encryption Package Professional Download

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Folder Lock

Folder Lock software reviews: It can simultaneously encrypt, lock and password protect your files, folders, drives, USB drives and even CD/DVD-RW.

Folder Lock creates encrypted storages called “Lockers”. You can keep as many of your private files & folders in your Locker and password protect it with a single click. You can transfer, secure and backup these Lockers. Lockers are portable, you can keep them in USB Flash Drives, CD/DVD (R-RW), & notebooks or transfer them via email or upload. Lockers are even undeletable on the computer where Folder Lock is installed.

You can treat Lockers just as you would treat them in physical world. Each user can have their own Lockers. However, a single user can create multiple Lockers with different passwords as well. With Folder Lock, you can choose either to encrypt using 256-bit AES on-the-fly encryption or lock files, folders and drives anywhere on your computer. Each Locker can contain your encrypted files as well as your personal list of locked items.

Folder Lock locks the computer if too many incorrect password attempts are made and keeps a log of them all. If you activate Stealth Mode, all traces, shortcuts, Program Files folder and Add/Remove icon of Folder Lock gets invisible. You can then run the program with your choice of hotkey. The program also shreds the original files when you move your data to a locker. Furthermore, the recent document history, find files history and copy/clipboard data is cleared every time the Locker closes.

Furthermore, Folder Lock”s options like hack attempt monitoring, stealth mode, data shredding, history cleaning and auto protection can enhance data security beyond anything ever achieved. In addition, a locker”s delete, move and rename are password protected to prevent data loss.

Folder Lock is Windows Vista / 2003 / XP / 2000 compatible and is the most downloaded File Security program in the market today.

Folder Lock Official site:
New Softwares, Inc.

Folder Lock Software License: Shareware
$39.95 to purchase
Folder Lock Download

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