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WirelessMon software reviews The program provides substantial information regarding each SSID it locates including whether the AP is secure (or not) and its availability for use.

A live “channel usage” chart provides information on the level of traffic for each available channel. This information will assist network managers by indicating channels that could be used to reduce interference and improve throughput.

Users of the Professional Edition will have the additional bonus of being able to generate “coverage maps” based upon the signal strength of all detected APs. To use this function, users need to import a map created by an another application (e.g. scanning). Once the map is loaded, users can either plot points manually on the map, or use a Global Positioning System (GPS) device. If done manually, the user selects a point on the map and the program automatically stores information on every AP it can detect there. GPS users need to establish two reference points, then they can leave it to the program to detect their location on the map and store the AP information for each point.

Network managers, laptop users and wardrivers will all find WirelessMon 2.0 to be the perfect tool for their wireless network requirements.

WirelessMon Official site:
PassMark Software

WirelessMon Software License: Shareware
$49.00 to purchase
WirelessMon Download

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Process Meter

Process Meter software reviews
It may show the following information for each process: – CPU usage
- Handles
- Threads
- Memory usage
- VM size
- Address space usage.
Each process represented by a bar; red colored bar indicates process that uses resources over specified limit.

Process Meter Official site:

Process Meter Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
Process Meter Download

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Crash Pickup

Crash Pickup software reviews Free analysis of the minidump using the tracking number is available on the website.

Crash Pickup Official site:
BugDump LLC

Crash Pickup Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
Crash Pickup Download

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ASTRA32 – Advanced System Information Tool

ASTRA32 – Advanced System Information Tool software reviews Not only does ASTRA32 provide a detailed analysis of your system it also offers diagnostics and comes with some powerful unique features such as a Drivers Troubleshooter and a quick HDD Health Status checker.

You will appreciate the accuracy with which ASTRA32 acquires the information about the detected devices as it mostly refers directly to the hardware not to the registry. ASTRA32 uncovers even undocumented data. You can be sure that the obtained information about the computer hardware and device operational modes is precise irrespective of the installed drivers.

ASTRA32 has a unique feature (Drivers Troubleshooter) that allows searching for all physical devices and creates a list of all devices whose drivers are not properly installed or completely missing.

ASTRA32 will also test your hard drive for reliability and work out the diagnosis using a unique algorithm. With the Quick HDD Health Status checker function, you will always know if your hard drive is OK or if it is time to create a backup. Be aware of all contingencies.

ASTRA32 works even with hard drives plugged in to external UDMA/SATA controllers. The program also provides detailed information about all USB and SCSI devices.

Others features of the program include a built-in report wizard and an ability to work in a batch mode, which supports the use of report profiles and macros. The program can create reports in one of the following formats: TXT, INI, HTML, XML, CSV.

With ASTRA32, you will quickly have complete information about your whole computer system. The benefits for PC repair technicians and system administrators are obvious.

ASTRA32 – Advanced System Information Tool Official site:
Sysinfo Lab

ASTRA32 – Advanced System Information Tool Software License: Demo
$29.95 to purchase
ASTRA32 – Advanced System Information Tool Download

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Intellex software reviews It is a convenient utility for gathering many different types of informative details regarding a computer system, including the operating system as well as the hardware. The details can be easily organized by the user in any order chosen, or displayed in their entirety. Additionally, the details are arranged in sections and sub-sections for ease of use.

Intellex Official site:
Ativax Inc.

Intellex Software License: Demo
$25.00 to purchase
Intellex Download

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KeepAlive Pro

KeepAlive Pro software reviews KEEPALIVE PRO DETECTS NON RESPONDING APPLICATIONS WHERE KEEPALIVE ONLY DETECTS FAILED ONES. New startup manager ,SMS or text messaging alerts through your cellphone or pager!
Version 8 includes better e-mail directions and client/server speed
KeepAlive Pro 6.1 includes:
Bug Fix/ KeepAlive Pro would abort with runtime error-fixed
Also made improvements to KeepAlive Viewer
New features for KeepAlive Pro 6.0 include:
Version 5.2 added
password protection
Disable Task Manager
Disable Shutdown
Disable Password Change
Disable Log Off
Disable Lock Computer

1. KeepAlive Pro now handles the Microsoft Error Tool alerts

2. Remote Monitoring of KeepAlive Pro Installations. KeepAlive Pro is now a Client/Server application.

3. All e-mail alerts will now attach the log file so that you can see what happened, using the log file.

4. SMTP authentication has been implemented for the e-mail notification setup.

KeepAlive Pro Official site:

KeepAlive Pro Software License: Shareware
$99.99 to purchase
KeepAlive Pro Download

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Smart PC Professional

Smart PC Professional software reviews The software fixes stubborn errors, cleans-up space-wasting junk and debris making your PC more efficient and reliable. Special features of the new software ensure your personal privacy while surfing through the Web and protect your PC from information theft.

Smart PC Professional Official site:
Smart PC Solutions, LLC.

Smart PC Professional Software License: Shareware
$49.95 to purchase
Smart PC Professional Download

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Heavyload software reviews ) in order to test if it will run reliably under heavy load. This is useful for testing important file or database servers before using them productively, or just for checking if your new PC might get too hot when used intensively.

Heavyload Official site:
JAM Software GmbH

Heavyload Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
Heavyload Download

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hardware sensors monitor

hardware sensors monitor software reviews By clicking its icon, you”ll view real time values for each component. It is fully customizable with alarms that can be set when the temperature goes
too high, and it even has built-in software cooling that kicks in when your CPU is idle or throttle CPU down when it is too hot and busy.

hardware sensors monitor Official site:
AB Software

hardware sensors monitor Software License: Shareware
$20.00 to purchase
hardware sensors monitor Download

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ID Window

ID Window software reviews When it detects this, it shows the full path to the executable in a tooltip caption. If a window has no title bar, it shows the caption in the tray. Menu options to enable/disable; About… and Exit. Self contained light executable. Demo version shows Evaluation but is otherwise fully functional.

ID Window Official site:

ID Window Software License: Demo
$19.95 to purchase
ID Window Download

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