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Budget Planner

Budget Planner software reviews You can play with the numbers for interest rate and inflation to determine how you may do in working toward your goals.

Budget Planner Official site:
Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC

Budget Planner Software License: Shareware
$14.95 to purchase
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ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque Writer

ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque Writer software reviews No need to write any, print the cheque and sign it. User can download cheque templates from server or use built-in cheque template design tools to arrange the cheque layout. The software support batch printing and provides history of issued cheque and payee management. It supports different types of printer, dot-matrix, inkjet and laser.

ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque Writer Official site:
Evinco Solutions Limited

ChequeSystem Electronic Cheque Writer Software License: Shareware
$97.50 to purchase
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Debt Consolidation Software

Debt Consolidation Software software reviews Get yourself financially back on your feet with the best debt management advice from experienced professionals, all in one software application. Download this software for free today (U.K. and U.S. residents only).

Debt Consolidation Software Official site:
Credit Card Balance Transfers

Debt Consolidation Software Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
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Simple Home Budget

Simple Home Budget software reviews The program lets you enter transactions of all kinds and analyze income and expenses shown in the summary color-coded Overview chart. At a glance, you”ll see what you have and will have coming in, going out, and most importantly, what”s left over each month to spend or save. It”ll help you pinpoint costs and areas of excessive expenditure and control your finances better.

Simple Home Budget opens to the main window with the sidebar and tabbed main area. The sidebar shows the calendar to select an active month of data, the form to add new transactions and totals of income, expenses and net income for a selected month, as well as expected totals for scheduled transactions. The tabbed area provides a quick access to transactions for a selected month or day, recurring transactions, summarized monthly view of income and expense by categories and graphic overview for a year. Thanks to the intuitive design, the majority of data entry and maintenance operations are less than two mouse clicks away!

Adding a new transaction is remarkably easy. Quickly add a new one-time or recurring transaction from the sidebar form or the “New” dialog on the toolbar, specify the type of transaction: Expense, Income, or Refund. Then select the start date, the category, enter comments and finally set up the amount. That”s it. Now the transaction record is displayed in the list of all transactions and in the Overview chart, showing your current financial position and progress for 12 months. You can edit, delete, search or print transactions easily.

Other important features let you switch between databases, back up and restore the database. The program has nothing that could annoy the user. There are no banners, no ads embedded in icons, no links to sponsors luring you into buying the products or services you do not need – nothing that has no practical value for managing your budget.

Simple Home Budget Official site:

Simple Home Budget Software License: Shareware
$29.00 to purchase
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Debt Management Tool

Debt Management Tool software reviews By entering in your income, debt, and expenses, you can compute your debt situation and figure how long it will take to pay off your debt. By checking off expenses as either “needs” or “wants” you can determine how much quicker you can pay off your debt by making some sacrifices in your monthly expenses.

Debt Management Tool Official site:
Debt Management TSI

Debt Management Tool Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
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BankTree Personal Finance

BankTree Personal Finance software reviews BankTree Personal Finance allows you to record your income and expenditure, supports multiple currencies, record transfers between accounts, balance your accounts, and check cleared funds, scheduling payments, expenditures, transfers, with a handy payment reminder, investment management, including multiple data feeds, allowing you to keep your stock/share price history in the same place. BankTree Personal Finance allows you to allocate account transactions to different categories, and sub-categories, set budgets for each category, Import/Export records from online banks and other sources including support for Microsoft Money and Quicken, up to Ten Reports that show your financial health and help you to budget better. . BankTree Personal Finance is the UKs premier budgeting software including Loan and Mortgage Calculators, and online Currency and Stock Rate lookups.

BankTree Personal Finance Official site:

BankTree Personal Finance Software License: Shareware
£26.00 to purchase
BankTree Personal Finance Download

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Guaranteed Secured Loan Software

Guaranteed Secured Loan Software software reviews This works like a normal loan application but you will be guaranteed the best quote for your credit status by the online panel process. Just apply once and your application will be put securely before hundreds of experienced lenders and brokers who are experts in their field. You are guaranteed at least one quote. Apply once only and have our panel compete for your business (U.K. only).

Guaranteed Secured Loan Software Official site:
Credit Card Balance Transfers

Guaranteed Secured Loan Software Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
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Spryka Desktop Budget

Spryka Desktop Budget software reviews Desktop Budget will tell you when your bills need to be paid. You can create forms and transactions that are recurring, like those that need to be collected or even paid every month.

Spryka Desktop Budget Official site:
Sprika Software

Spryka Desktop Budget Software License: Shareware
$24.95 to purchase
Spryka Desktop Budget Download

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Medical Bills Plus

Medical Bills Plus software reviews The program provides a way to record medical visits and costs as they occur, and to calculate and display information.

Medical Bills Plus Official site:

Medical Bills Plus Software License: Shareware
$24.95 to purchase
Medical Bills Plus Download

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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance Transfer Credit Cards software reviews Balance Transfer Credit Cards automatically transfers your credit card balances to a new card, allowing you interest-free credit for years.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards Official site:
Credit Card Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer Credit Cards Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
Balance Transfer Credit Cards Download

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