Auto Shutdown Manager

Auto Shutdown Manager software reviews
It powers PCs up and down – on demand and automatically.

First to mention, AutoShutdownManager operates even if no users are logged-on to the system in a so called full background- or Service mode. All operations are supported in this mode including Power Up, Power Down, Restart, Standby, Updates & Patches, Deployment and Receiving of new settings, Time Rules, Remote shutdown, wakeup, reboot etc.

The operation modes provided by AutoShutdownManager are very flexible.
Depending on the required policies it can be configured in a “Can”, “Should” or “Must” shutdown Mode

In Enterprise environments but also more and more in networked homes – it is core for the systems to run reliable and also to be available during core business hours or whenever needed. Furthermore, systems might depend on each other. For example client computers cant be operated properly if their servers arent available. To map these requirements, AutoShutdownManager was build with a networking aware logic. This means that on one hand client computers can wake their server on demand and keep them running as long as required – and on the other hand the servers know about their clients and if they are connected and so they dont go into a power save mode until the last client disconnects.
Central Management

AutoShutdownManager supports Central Management via its build in Management Console.
It allows configuration, updates, management and deployment of settings from one central place to all network clients. It also supports daily admin tasks such as Remote Restart or Shutdown of individual PCs or whole PC groups, Remote Logging-off of users, change up and down times, schedule and deploy automatic Power-Up plans for planed system maintenance timing and much more.

“Idle” – Definition and Detection
Another pretty unique attribute of the AutoShutdownManager is its broad flexibility to define what “Idle” means to the user, to the system administrator and to AutoShutdownManager itself.
It supports very easy analysis such as simply the load of the CPU, HDD utilization, currently running applications, usage of the mouse and the keyboard, pending scheduled tasks, or the analysis of any sounds or noises around the computer.
But the Idle analysis can also be setup as complex as needed including the analysis of network traffic, presence of Terminal Sessions, pending documents in the printer queue, analysis of any running processes or services and their current activity levels, up to the detection of any network equipment that has to be added to the idle analysis may it be inside the own LAN or somewhere in the World. This could be helpful for example if a networked machine or multimedia equipment has to be included to the shutdown decision. So you could prevent the shutdown of a computer, as long as another machine is up and running (e.g. TCP/IP enabled Multimedia devices).

Finally, AutoShutdownManager will allow you to create a setup that is as easy as possible and as complex as needed to maximize the power savings.
With its concept of being not interruptive itll help you and your company to deploy and use a solid energy saving technology without defocusing the users from their core jobs. This all finally helps to save money and the environment but also to increase the overall companys “Green” image and last but not least the security level of your IT.

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