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To change a watch battery, figure out if the watch back snaps off or if it's held in place by screws, then remove it accordingly. If there's a clip holding the battery in place, insert a small screwdriver into the hole and press up to disengage it.

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On this page you will find help to identify the correct battery for your watch and then advice on opening your watch, fitting the battery and closing the watch case. There is also a section on problems after replacing the watch battery, such as resetting the digital display or if the watch won't start after the battery has been replaced.

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Save money by replacing a watch battery yourself rather than paying a jeweler to do this relatively simple task. Most fine watches have either a screw-on backing of stainless steel, or the back plate is held in place with four small, Phillips-head screws.

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If you plan on changing watch batteries regularly, we suggest you start with a watch battery replacement kit that includes many different battery sizes to match most popular watch brands, or a watch repair tool kit that has the tools needed to open the case back and handle most jobs.

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Watch batteries inevitably die. Obviously, as the battery slowly fades, your watch loses time, and you’re left with the task of replacing the watch’s battery. Usually, this is a simple endeavor, especially if you own a watch with a snap-on back.

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Replacing a watch battery How do I know which watch battery I need? To identify the type of battery you need to replace, the first step is to remove the back of the watch - see below. Once you have opened the watch in most cases you will see a single silver oxide watch battery or possibly a larger single lithium coin cell battery.

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How to Change Timex Batteries. ... Replacing the Batteries in a Timex Watch with a Snap Back. Step 1 Look at the caseback of your Timex watch. You should be able to see the type of battery you need, as well as any grooves or lips that will tell you where to open the caseback.

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More webWatchWorld Videos Here… Conclusion. Removing and replacing a snap-on case back is the first skill needed to replace a watch battery and it’s a relatively easy job that is made easier the right tools.
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