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Contribute. Red vs. Blue is a science-fiction comedy web television series created by Burnie Burns and produced by Rooster Teeth.Any Red vs. Blue fan is welcome to contribute by editing or creating articles.. To write a new Red vs. Blue article, enter the page title in the box below.

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The Director. Director Leonard Church (John Marshall Reed) is the head of Project Freelancer, and is responsible for most of the scenarios that the Red and Blue armies encounter. He and the Chairman of the Oversight Subcommittee are heard in the introductions of the Reconstruction chapters, alternating in a series of messages. He apparently uses both armies as test subjects for his experiments.

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Since the 2000 United States presidential election, red states and blue states have referred to states of the United States whose voters predominantly choose either the Republican Party (red) or Democratic Party (blue) presidential candidates. Since then, the use of the term has been expanded to differentiate between states being perceived as liberal and those perceived as conservative.

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Oh man. I think this would’ve massively changed the outcome of the Freelancer saga.Tex is pretty much convinced by Connie’s message immediately because it provides a lot of pretty concrete proof of the Director’s actions, and also, I would guess, triggered some memories or thoughts about herself that had been suppressed.

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Info: Red vs. Blue centers on the Red and Blue Teams, two groups of soldiers engaged in a supposed civil war. Originally, each team occupies a small base in a box canyon known as Blood Gulch.

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Red vs. Blue is a Machinima/CGI-animated military Work Com set against the background of the Halo game series. Its creators, Rooster Teeth Productions, helped spark the whole Machinima explosion and went on to establish themselves as Big Name Fans in the Halo community to the point of doing actual work for Bungie Studios, as well as making their videos available for purchase on Xbox Live.

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Starting in Spring 2013, the CTA will rebuild the tracks along the south Red Line, from Cermak-Chinatown to 95th/Dan Ryan—a project that will provide faster, more comfortable and more reliable service for Red Line riders. To complete the work as quickly and effectively as possible, starting in Spring 2013, the Red Line will completely close from Cermak-Chinatown through 95th/Dan Ryan. - ekşi sözlük - kutsal bilgi kaynağı

gercekten savasin donum noktasidir. bizim icin de o kadar onemlidir ki, eger stalingrad savasindan almanya galip ayrilsaydi turkiye cumhuriyeti ile alman reich i arasinda bir muttefiklik olmasi kacinilmaz olacakti. hitler`in planladigi da buydu zaten. savas sonrasi alman disisleri bakanligindan ele gecirilen yazismalarda goruldugu uzere her belgede stalingrad sozu geciyor, turkiye`den ...

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Red states and Blue states list . Due to the TV coverage during some of the presidential elections in the past, the color Red has become associated with the Republicans (as in Red states – the states where the Republican presidential nominee wins) and Blue is associated with the Democrats.

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The New Orleans class includes the USS Kyushu NCC-65491, USS Renegade NCC-63102, USS Rutledge NCC-57295 and USS Thomas Paine NCC-65530. Only the Kyushu could be seen on screen, as part of the wreckage at Wolf 359 ().It is the heavily damaged ship next to the OPS console and is also mentioned in the dialogue.
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