INTRODUCTION. The way pain is experienced is a reflection of the individual's emotional, motivational, cognitive, social, and cultural circumstances [].Many women, especially nulliparas, rate the pain of labor as very severe or intolerable [].The pain of labor and delivery varies among women, and each labor of an individual woman may be quite different.

Massage for pain relief during labor - Evidence Based Birth®

Hi, everyone. In today’s video, we’re going to talk about massage for pain relief during labor. My name’s Rebecca Dekker, and I’m a nurse with my Ph.D. and the founder of Evidence Based Birth. This video is part of our pain management series, and I encourage you to watch the whole series on ...


INTRODUCTION. Management of labor pain is a major goal of intrapartum care. There are two general approaches: pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic.

Relaxation for Pain Relief During Labor - Evidence Based ...

Chaillet, N., Belaid, L., Crochetière, C., et al. (2014). Nonpharmacologic approaches for pain management during labor compared with usual care: a meta-analysis.

Medications for Pain Relief During Labor and Delivery - ACOG

What types of medications for pain relief are used during labor and delivery? In general, there are two types of drugs for pain relief: 1) analgesics and 2) anesthetics. Analgesics lessen pain without loss of feeling or muscle movement. Anesthetics relieve pain by blocking most feeling, including ...

Nitrous Oxide During Labor: Benefits and Risks

Using Nitrous Oxide During Labor: Benefits and Risks. As your due date approaches, you will want to become familiar with the natural and medical intervention options for pain relief.

Research and Evidence - Childbirth Connection

See tables that summarize labor pain relief options here.. Hypnosis (self- and practitioner-guided) A systematic review summarized better quality available studies of effects of hypnosis during labor.

Back Pain During Pregnancy - ACOG

How do my back muscles become strained during pregnancy? The main cause of back pain during pregnancy is strain on your back muscles. As your pregnancy progresses, your uterus becomes heavier. Because this increased weight is carried in the front of your body, you naturally bend forward. To keep ...

Sharp Pain During Pregnancy: Causes and Symptoms

Possible Causes of a Sharp Pain During Pregnancy. One of the most common sharp pains that women report is a stabbing pain in and around the uterus, abdomen or groin area.

Pain - Wikipedia

Pain is a distressing feeling often caused by intense or damaging stimuli. The International Association for the Study of Pain's widely used definition defines pain as "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage"; however, due to it being a complex, subjective phenomenon, defining pain has been a challenge.
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