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Leo contains many bright stars, many of which were individually identified by the ancients. There are four stars of first or second magnitude, which render this constellation especially prominent:

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Constellation Leo in history and myth. Leo the Lion has long been associated with the sun. The sun passes in front of the constellation Leo the Lion from about August 10 to September 16 each year.

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The etymology, mythology, and symbolism of the constellation. Leo the Lion, from Latin leo, 'lion', the word was borrowed by the Greeks from some unknown source.The Latin word is related to Greek leon, leontos (earlier *lewon, *lewontos), which appears in the name of the Spartan king Leonidas, Lion's son.The Greek word is somehow related to Coptic labai, laboi, lioness.

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Leo is the Latin word for "lion", or LEO may refer to: . Leo (astrology), an astrological sign Leo (constellation), a constellation in the sky

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What Are Constellations? So just what are these constellations you keep hearing about? You may go outside some night and see all kinds of stars, and maybe you have even spotted the Big Dipper (northern hemisphere) or the Southern Cross (southern hemisphere), but what about Leo the Lion or Pisces the Fish?

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– Algieba (Gamma Leonis), the constellation’s second brightest star, is a binary system situated 130 light years from our solar system of magnitude 2.28. Its primary star is an orange giant (K1-IIIbCN-0.5) that is 23 times bigger than the Sun, and at least 180 times brighter, while its dimmer companion, a yellow giant (G7IIICN-I) is 10 times bigger than the Sun and about 50 times as bright.

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Virgo the Virgin: A large equatorial constellation between Leo and Libra, in which the brightest member is the first-magnitude star Spica. Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, which is entered by the sun on or about August 22nd.

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Leo definition, the Lion, a zodiacal constellation between Virgo and Cancer, containing the bright star Regulus. See more.

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A ll 88 constellations officially sanctioned by the International Astronomical Union are listed in the table below, plus the Milky Way and the aurora. Each entry describes the mythology and history of the constellation along with an illustration of it from a classic star atlas, usually Johann Bode’s Uranographia of 1801 or John Flamsteed’s Atlas Coelestis of 1729.
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