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Fish Identification: Find Class. ... and a spiral valve intestine. External identification characters are: Five to seven separate gill openings on each side of the head, the first often modified as a spiracle. Dorsal fins and spines, if present, are rigid and can not be folded.

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Fish identification guide We believe that a knowledge and appreciation of reef fishes will help make your underwater experience much exciting and enjoyable. In addition, learning about sea creatures is certainly the best way to create passionate present and future stewards of the protection of the oceans.

Fish and Shellfish Identification

Try these fish identification quizzes and see how well you know your California marine fishes! Not only are these quizzes fun, but you may also learn some important information about these species and fishing regulations pertaining to them.

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This guide will be equally useful to divers but it is more aimed at Snorkelers, while a lot of our photos are taken on dive sites all the fish and critters in our Hawaii Reef Fish Guide, can be seen from any snorkel site at on time or another.

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Florent's Guide To The Tropical Reefs. Home; ... Welcome To Florent's Tropical Reef Life Identification Guides! Select a Guide for a Geographic Area: The Caribbean, the Bahamas and Florida 615 Species. The Tropical Pacific 1145 Species. Tropical Reefs Worldwide 1771 Species. ... ...

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Fish Identification Guides Many species of fish in the UK are easy to identify, but others are consistently confused. For example plaice and flounder, poor cod and pouting and pollock and coalfish are all species which anglers sometimes struggle to tell apart.

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Identification information on freshwater fish, features and glossary of fish terms, reef fish guide, shark guide, and deep water fish guide. Protected and no-take species. Protected and no-take fish species in Queensland fresh waters and tidal waters. General fish features.

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The following list of marine aquarium fish species commonly available in the aquarium trade is not a completely comprehensive list; certain rare specimens may available commercially yet not be listed here. A brief section on each, with a link to the page about the particular species is provided along with references for further information.
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