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To search for pinyin ü, use "u:" (u followed by a colon) or "v". If you are willing to host this dictionary, I have made the necessary files available in a zip file. To set up a mirror, you will need CGI access on your server.

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English to Chinese dictionary with Mandarin pinyin - learn Chinese faster with MDBG!

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How to use our this dictionary. You can ask this dictionary to only return entries that exactly match the word being sought. To do so, select "whole word" from the match list.To look a word up in this dictionary, you can use Chinese (both simplified and traditional), English or pinyin.; You don't have to select search field (English, pinyin or Chinese) : It's determined automatically.

林語堂《當代漢英詞典》電子版 - Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary ...

Lin Yutang's Chinese-English Dictionary of Modern Usage - 林語堂《當代漢英詞典》網絡版 - Traditional Chinese Characters

Chinese-English dictionary. Learn Chinese characters. Traditional Chinese characters. Chinese-English etymological dictionary.

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>> Special list on measure words [ Example: "Ni Hao" in Input field, select As "PinYin", Then select Chinese Output As "GB" or "IMAGE" if don't have Chinese support system available.

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Chinese-English Dictionary, and Language Tools-- The Leading Online English Chinese Dictionary.

English-Chinese Online Dictionary - TigerNT

I made one Android App to help learning Chinese. Please support if you have Android phone or tablet. Thanks. - 10/18/2011

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A Chinese character dictionary with look-up by English, pinyin, Cantonese pronounciation, and radical/stroke.
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