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Make Offer - 1880-CC Morgan Silver Dollar $1 - Certified ANACS G6 (Good) - Rare Carson City! How to Put a Value on Carson City Morgan Dollars 1878-1921 Assessing the worth for collectibles that often have sentimental value can be challenging.

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The Carson City Mint was a branch of the United States Mint in Carson City, Nevada.It primarily minted silver coins; however, it also minted gold coins, with a total face value in dollars nearly equal to that of its silver coins. The mint minted coins in 21 different years. The Carson City Mint was created in 1863 but was not put into operation until 1870. It ran until 1885, went on a hiatus, and

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Carson City Silver Dollar Value Chart – 1883 morgan silver dollar value finding higher value in the always popular carson city minted dollars continues with those dated 1883 have a quick look at the chart also be on the look out for the san francisco mintmark in higher grades its value is beginning to break away from the minimum $11 6791 is the rounded silver value for the 1878 1921 silver ...

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Guide to Building Carson City Mint Sets. T he Morgan Silver Dollar series carries the distinction of being the most collected series of coins ever produced by the United States Mint. Those produced in Carson City, Nevada are the most cherished and sought-after of all the Morgans, making CC Morgans the most popular and desired Silver Coins ever produced by the United States.

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One of the most exciting series in numismatics is Morgan Silver Dollars, minted at the famed wild-west mint in Carson City, Nevada. Among the many popular U.S. coins, few are as beloved as the strikingly beautiful, large silver pieces from the days of the American Wild West.

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GSA dollars are a special sub-category of the Carson City Morgan dollar series. History tells us that, a hoard of mostly Uncirculated “CC” cartwheels was discovered in the vaults of the U. S. Treasury in 1964. After several years of strategizing, the United States government decided to offer these

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The Liberty Seated dollar has the distinction of being the first denomination delivered by the newly opened Carson City Mint in 1870. The large silver coin would only be minted for three more years at Carson City. The final year of issue 1873 is considered the scarcest date in the “CC” Liberty Seated dollar series.

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The silver dollars in the G. S. A. sale were discovered in the Treasury's vaults in a 1964 audit after nearly a century in obscurity. The Carson City silver dollars in this sale were encapsulated and packaged as pictured above and sold in a series of auctions to the public in the early seventies. The Carson City Silver Dollar coins in the ...

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The silver dollar coin struck by the U.S. Mint from 1878 to 1921 was known as the Morgan dollar after its designer, George T. Morgan. The coin was minted in several locations over its lifespan, including Carson City, California. The coin features a profile of Lady Liberty on the front and an eagle on the reverse.

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Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar 1878-CC Uncirculated GSA The 1878-CC Morgan was the first ever to be minted at the famous mint in Nevada and carry the highly esteemed "CC." Only 2.2 million of these gems were minted in the inaugural year, making them a ...
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