Apollo 11 Mission Audio - Day 1

Apollo 11: "As it happened LIVE on ABC", Launch and TLI, July 16-19,1969, PART.1 - Duration: 1:58:03. Dan Beaumont Space Museum 443,146 views

Apollo 11 Mission Audio - Day 5

Audio highlights from the fifth day of the Apollo 11 mission. ... Apollo 10 Astronauts Encountered A Strange Radio Signal While On The Moon ... Apollo 11 - Apollo Flight Journal 1,140,262 views ...

Eavesdropping on Apollo 11 - American Radio Relay League

In July of 1969 a ham radio operator and amateur radio-astronomer by the name of Larry Baysinger, W4EJA, accomplished an amazing feat. He independently detected radio transmissions from the Apollo 11 astronauts on the lunar surface.

Apollo 11 Onboard Audio | NASA

The Apollo 11 Onboard Audio Tape Database cross references the tape numbers to the Mission Elapsed Time (MET) that was on each tape. JSC Transcript Collection → All mission transcripts, onboard audio as well as other mission audio, from NASA's historic early missions, including all Apollo flights, are available.

Apollo 11 HAM radio ufo transmissions

Published on 28 Dec 2013 For years rumors have circulated that Apollo 11 encountered two other craft when it landed on the moon. Here are those missing ... Apollo 11 HAM radio ufo transmissions ... apollo ham radio transmissions ufo. PREV. UFO SHOOTS DOWN NASA SHUTTLE STS107 – I Want ANSWERS On This One 11-21-2013 ...

Apollo 11 - Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transcription

INTRODUCTION This is the transcription of the Technical Air-to-Ground Voice Transmission (GOSS NET 1) from the Apollo 11 mission. Communicators in the text may be identified according to the following list.

NASA Moon landing SHOCK: What Apollo 11 ... - Express.co.uk

The Apollo 11 spacecraft took three days to reach the lunar orb. 3. Of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Command Module pilot Michael Collins was the only one who did not set foot on the Moon.

Apollo 11 Flight Journal - Day 2, part 2: TV Transmission

Apollo 11 is presently 127,991 nautical miles [237,039 km] from Earth, traveling at a speed of about 4,400 feet per second [about 1,340 m/s]. The regularly scheduled time for the television transmission is 6:47 pm Central Daylight Time, and we are anticipating that that transmission will occur as scheduled.

NASA - Sounds from Apollo 11

Commentary: Neil Armstrong reporting the roll and pitch program whitch puts Apollo 11 on a proper heading. + Play Audio (1:00/652 Kb wav) Image left: Smoke and flames signal the opening of a historic journey as the Saturn V clears the launch pad.

First man on moon dies along with secrets of ... - Exopolitics

During the Apollo 11 moon landing, there was a two minute period of radio silence. According to NASA, the problem arose from one of two television cameras overheating, thus disrupting the reception. What really happened, according to various sources, was that Armstrong and Aldrin saw something else watching them!
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