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Hide IP NG

Hide IP NG software reviews Want to hide your IP address?

Hide IP NG (short for Hide IP Next Generation) is the software you are looking for! Keeping your privacy is simple and easy: just start Hide IP NG!

Key Features of Hide IP NG:

Don”t waste time in testing slow and dangerous public proxies. Just select a USA/UK IP you wish to use from our list. Every IP you see is usable, fast and 100% secure!

Assign different IPs to your computers even they are behind the same router!

A single click and you are ready to go. Hide your IP address without any configuration.

We never ask our users to create an acount before using. Our users will never be logged and tracked.

1024 bits encryption prevent your ISP and your boss from spying on you!

Prevent others from reading any data you transmit in Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Support HTTPS:// sites and double your security!

Send anonymous email through any web based mail system (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail).

Post on bulletin boards without displaying your real IP address.

Bypass the restrictions placed by some owners of Internet resources on users from certain countries or geographical regions. Bypass work/school web filter and visit any sites you want (e.g. MySpace).

Great for monitoring your overseas search engine campaigns.

Keeping your computer safe from hacker attacks by hiding your IP address.

Protects you from any website that wants to monitor your reading interests and spy upon you through your unique IP address – your ID in the Internet.

Avoid your personal information being used to send you spam and junk emails. Many marketers and advertising agencies will use you IP address, together with your email, to send you unsolicited emails.

Hide IP NG Official site:
Volcano Force

Hide IP NG Software License: Shareware
$35.00 to purchase
Hide IP NG Download

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GSA Email Verifier

GSA Email Verifier software reviews The software allows you to clean up your contact and mailing lists by removing bad emails. Additionally it can remove all administrative addresses such as nospam(at) or support(at), to which you do not want to send emails. The ultimate mailing list management software.

GSA Email Verifier Official site:

GSA Email Verifier Software License: Shareware
$69.00 to purchase
GSA Email Verifier Download

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GNU XaoS software reviews It allows the user to continuously to zoom in or out of a fractal in a fluid, continuous motion. This capability makes XaoS great for exploring fractals, and it”s just plain fun!

XaoS can display many different fractal types, including Mandelbrot, Barnsley, Newton, Phoenix, and many more. Fractals can be rendered using various coloring methods and planes for an almost endless variety of images. XaoS also supports switching between Julia and Mandelbrot sets for each formula.

XaoS includes many animated tutorials that make learning about fractals fun and easy. These tutorials are also a great introduction to all of XaoS€™s features.
XaoS is free software, licensed under the GPL. It was originally written by Thomas Marsh and Jan Hubicka, and it is currently maintained by Zoltan Kovacs. Countless other improvements have been contributed by volunteers around the world. Because it”s free software, anyone can help improve XaoS.

GNU XaoS Official site:
GNU XaoS Team

GNU XaoS Software License: GPL
$0.00 to purchase
GNU XaoS Download

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Forum Buzz

Forum Buzz software reviews You can create multiple profiles and login details and store them. Forum Buzz makes your postings a snap! This cool software is 100% FREE and will save you tons of time of hard work! This fantastic tool is developed by the IM Buzz Creators.

Forum Buzz Official site:

Forum Buzz Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
Forum Buzz Download

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Digital Image Uneraser Software

Digital Image Uneraser Software software reviews Pictures undelete tool salvages unintentionally deleted, unusable, inaccessible files folders including pictures, images, snaps, audio and video from digital camera. Restore digital images software can retrieve snaps which have been lost due to hardware and software fault.

Digital Image Uneraser Software Official site:
Unerase Unformat

Digital Image Uneraser Software Software License: Shareware
$69.00 to purchase
Digital Image Uneraser Software Download

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Daniusoft PS3 Video Converter

Daniusoft PS3 Video Converter software reviews This excellent PlayStation 3 video converter support convert music to MP3, WMA and convert video to MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264 480p, 720p and 1080p high-definition.

Daniusoft PS3 Video Converter Official site:
Daniusoft Studio

Daniusoft PS3 Video Converter Software License: Shareware
$25.00 to purchase
Daniusoft PS3 Video Converter Download

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CuteHotspot software reviews when they connect their laptops, PDAs or any other mobile devices to your access point (Wi-Fi hotspot) and use the Internet to surf the web, read emails or chat via an instant messenger. Setup point-of-sale (POS) for making walk-in and memeber sales, use the built-in inventory system.

CuteHotspot Official site:
TrueCafe, Ltd.

CuteHotspot Software License: Shareware
$99.90 to purchase
CuteHotspot Download

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Chromentum 2

Chromentum 2 software reviews Help Goldy and Sweety in restoring their world to paradise by moving and shooting Chromates onto the circles. 16 Chromate types, full level editor and hundreds of levels, all with complete solutions, go to make this one of the biggest puzzle games ever!

Chromentum 2 Official site:
Alpha72 Games

Chromentum 2 Software License: Shareware
$19.95 to purchase
Chromentum 2 Download

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Namo BackupManager

Namo BackupManager software reviews You can back up files via FTP, a network drive, a network computer, or you can create backups on your local computer. BackupManager operates in terms of projects. When you create a project, you choose which files to back up and where they will be backed up. BackupManager also provides you with a variety of options related to backup methods and scheduling. To retrieve files from the backup computer, use the Import command. If your original hardware is lost or damaged, install BackupManager on another computer and use the Recover command to recreate the project and transfer all your backed up files onto the new computer.

Namo BackupManager Official site:
SJ Namo Interactive Inc

Namo BackupManager Software License: Demo
$39.99 to purchase
Namo BackupManager Download

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TuneWiki for WMP

TuneWiki for WMP software reviews TuneWiki Social Media Player is an award winning product merge music playback, lyrics and social networking; this plug-in for Windows Media Player show you lyrics, play YouTube music videos, and map where else the track is playing worldwide.

TuneWiki for WMP Official site:

TuneWiki for WMP Software License: Freeware
$0.00 to purchase
TuneWiki for WMP Download

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